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    Scott Schultz
    Senior Consultant, The Arbinger Institute
    Preconference Event: How to Engage the Learner Within
    Registration is required and seating has reached capacity for this complimentary pre-conference event.

    The most effective teachers impact and influence learners in ways they often remember throughout their lives. The speaker will explore how we can influence those we have the opportunity to teach and why we are not normally that teacher. In this workshop, consider who is responsible for what you have learned and how you can become that teacher to mold and shape your fellow chapter leaders and members. Join this preconference workshop to discover how to engage the learner within and positively affect your board, chapter, and community.

    Learning Objectives:
    · Discover the power of mindset and how it underlies, drives, and sustains behavioral change.
    · Learn the difference between an inward mindset, which is largely self-focused, and an outward mindset, which focuses on results and its impact on others.
    · Implement an outward mindset during your learning initiatives and facilitation in ways that will spark engagement and change in others.
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  • Meet-to-Eat
    Continue the conversations that you begin during sessions by participating in meet-to-eat dinners on Thursday and Friday nights. Visit the registration desk for more information. All chapter leaders interested in meeting for informal dinner plans should gather in the lobby at 6:45 p.m. Attendees will pay their own way at dinner; NAC members will lead groups to neighborhood restaurants.
  • Netwalk
    These networking walks are a way for you to get some exercise and network with other chapter leaders at the same time. Our walk will be outdoors for about 50 minutes, at a pace that is brisk, but won't leave you too winded to talk with fellow chapter leaders. Meet us in the hotel lobby at 6 a.m. We’ll leave promptly at 6:10 and return by 7. If it is raining, we will still meet in the hotel lobby and decide if the walk will be held.
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  • ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Conference (ALC PAC) Welcome
  • Lisa Bevington and Bart Castle
    Dallas Chapter
    This Is Who We A.R.E.: One Board's Story of Strategy and Execution (President/President Elect Track)
    Board members sometimes find themselves scrambling to put together a strategy for the upcoming year, often during the end of the year when things are crazy-busy. It doesn't have to be this way. The president of ATD Dallas will offer some practical ways to maximize time and resources at ALC and follow up with regular strategy sessions leading up to the chapter's new fiscal year (for most, this is a calendar year) and transition into execution as well as some guidance on recruiting and leading an engaged volunteer board. Each board member will share how the strategy translated into execution for partners/sponsors, marketing and communications, membership, programming, and professional development initiatives. The session closes with a short presentation on the power of storytelling for your community and the importance of ritual among your board members.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Build a team that is invested in increasing and sustaining value for the community.
    · Articulate and execute a consistent experience for members, speakers, sponsors, and partners based on a well-defined value proposition.
    · Align content and marketing to the strategy.
    · Intentionally celebrate successful execution.
  • Sarah Onnen and Richard Tolbert
    Central Iowa Chapter
    Sponsorship Coffee Talk: Local ATD Chapters and Local ATD Sponsors—the Perfect Blend! (Marketing and Communications Track)
    Join us for a cup of joe as we walk through ATD Central Iowa’s sponsorship journey. In this caffeinated session, we will define chapter sponsorship and the parameters of a successful partnership. But our conversation doesn’t stop there—there is a latte more! We will review our current sponsorship levels and provide tools used to secure chapter level and event sponsorship. And to keep your knowledge brewing, we will host a Q&A coffee talk with one of our chapter’s current sponsors. Good to the last drop, we will end our session putting together a plan of action to help you produce your special ATD sponsorship roast.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Define ATD chapter sponsorship.
    · Understand the parameters of a successful sponsorship relationship.
    · Identify tools used to promote sponsorship opportunities.
    · Create a plan for taking the next steps in your chapter’s sponsorship journey.
  • Lisa Vallad and Ginger Nichols
    Rocky Mountain Chapter
    Google: The Great and Powerful (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    The great and powerful Google may be intimidating; however, once we pull back the curtain for you, you will be able to utilize Google applications to streamline the operations of your chapter (and have some fun along the way). Our journey along the yellow brick road of Google applications will begin with how you can access Google at no cost to your chapter. The journey continues as we navigate through the various applications that can get your chapter to your Emerald City. We will identify potential encounters with flying monkeys and wicked witches (also known as things to remember and avoid while using Google applications). When our journey ends, you will have the tools you need to implement Google applications for your chapter. Remember, there’s no place like home!

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Recognize and identify sources of free Google applications that are available to your chapter.
    · Describe the function of the following Google applications: Gmail, Docs/Sheets/Slides, Drive, Calendars (Shared Calendars), Sites, Forms, Hangouts, and various Add-Ons.
    · Implement Google applications at your chapter to streamline your operations.
  • Heidi Matthews
    Kansas City Chapter
    Get a Clue: Gamify Your Conference (Programming Track)
    Gamify your conference event by using the board game Clue to create a theme and the game elements. The Kansas City Chapter engaged attendees by asking them to Get a Clue with speakers focused on improving our questioning skills in a variety of our practice areas. Our team used the key elements of the game and theme to provide information, drive traffic to sponsor booths, and engage attendees throughout the day. You will receive the tools to replicate our day or create your own day with another game as your model. Your attendees, like ours, will experience applying game elements to your learning projects while they attend the event. Come Get a Clue; you may solve the mystery of engagement at your next conference!

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Utilize a theme to frame your conference event so you can plan a cohesive learning experience for your attendees.
    · Identify and analyze the elements of gamification applied to the Get a Clue event for application in your chapter events.
    · Complete a planning chart to plan a Get a Clue event for your chapter or a themed event of your own based on the model shared.
  • Tracy Chandonnet and Dylan McKenzie
    Charlotte Chapter
    Engaging Membership (Membership Track)
    Everyone knows that great training consists of engaging participants. How well is your chapter doing with engaging its members? In this session we will focus on looking for opportunities to create engagement at different phases of membership. You will learn techniques that ATD Charlotte has found successful and will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn best practices from other chapters. You will leave with some ready-to-use strategies from our chapter as well as a full list of ideas to implement in your chapter.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Assess the methods used by your chapter to engage members.
    · Compare and contrast the different stages of membership.
    · Identify new strategies and best practices to engage each stage of membership.
  • Break
  • Jen Wichern and Katie Kuhl
    Nebraska Chapter
    In Succession, Timing Is Everything (President/President Elect Track)
    When it comes to succession planning for your chapter, timing and ensuring you have the best candidates for the role are everything. By keeping your finger on the pulse of where your board members are in their term and their development goals, you can ensure the adequate time in the succession planning process needed to assess their skills, behaviors, and competencies before matching them to the best role. Setting your incoming board before August provides time for new vice presidents to recruit and select their directors, transfer knowledge, and effectively onboard, which enables the new board to hit the ground running in January.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Define your timeline and open positions for the succession planning process.
    · Recognize the skills, behaviors, and competencies needed for each open executive council role.
    · Utilize succession planning forms and interviews to match candidates to the appropriate role.
  • Alexander Salas and Kristina Grant
    Central Florida Chapter
    Increasing Membership Experience Through a Digital Chapter Transformation (Marketing and Communications Track)
    ATD chapters face many challenges as they try to promote the ATD brand and their local events. One critical challenge is to engage prospective and existing members through their website. With limited resources and technical know-how, many chapter websites do not look contemporary or engage the modern talent professional. In a digital era of modern workers, ATD chapters need to digitally transform to meet the needs of their users. This session shows you how to maximize the use of Wild Apricot site authoring features to create modern-looking sites that elevate your chapter's brand and other digital strategies to enhance the MX factor.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Describe the concept of Membership Experience (MX) as it pertains to ATD Central Florida chapter's digital identity.
    · Explain low-cost technological strategies, which resulted in a 30 percent membership increase per quarter.
    · Identify key web authoring features in Wild Apricot to create contemporary-looking websites.
    · Discuss best practices used by ATD CFL for engaging members through various digital marketing channels.
  • Tiffany Prince
    Chicagoland Chapter
    Leadership in a Volunteer World: How to Engage Your Team (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    Are you new to leading a volunteer board? The way you engage and motivate your team and committee members can make a huge difference in success or failure in what can be accomplished. So many variables can impact your ability to execute your strategy and goals. Get tips on how to successfully manage your volunteer board through various life cycles, from onboarding new volunteers to working through performance issues. In this session, we will explore and discuss various challenges and ways to engage volunteers. You will walk through practice scenarios to hone your skills in communicating with impact and leveraging the right leadership style.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Set the leadership tone of your board and team.
    · Discover developmental opportunities for your team.
    · Manage performance issues with volunteers.
    · Transition volunteer members from the board.
  • Paul Venderley
    Orange County Chapter
    Empowering Members Through Community Partnerships (Programming Track)
    Can you create development opportunities that reinforce the mindset that chapter membership is a necessity to stand out in a crowded field? We think so. Over the past two years, through concerted community outreach and the creation of project-based learning experiences, ATD Orange County has shifted the perception of our chapter from that of a networking and seminar-led organization to a sincere learning sponsor and partner in the community. These efforts have enhanced member benefit by incorporating development opportunities that provide content for training portfolios and real-life experiences that set our members apart. Join our session to brainstorm ideas for project-based learning experiences that empower your membership. You’ll outline some initial concepts to explore back home and walk away with the basis of an action plan that will enhance the value of membership and set you—and your members—apart.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Brainstorm opportunities for project-based learning experiences within your talent development community.
    · Outline an initial project-based development opportunity that incorporates community learning.
    · Develop an action plan to connect with local communities as a sponsor of learning.
  • Vince Kwisnek and Denise Ann Galloni
    Pittsburgh Chapter
    Chapter Book Club, National Benefit (Membership Track)
    Do your members see the benefit of investing in a Power Membership? Are your members engaged with the Chapter? During this session, the ATD Pittsburgh Chapter will explain the creation and process of running a virtual Book Club. The Book Club leveraged the members' Power Membership benefit to ensure that the selected book would not cost additional fees. The Book Club's focus ensured members had the opportunity to read industry-related, ATD-recommended books and engage in vibrant discussions. This process produced great results with minimal effort.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Increase chapter member engagement through the Book Club offering.
    · Encourage Chapter Members to become Power Members.
    · Leverage your ATD Power Member benefits at the Chapter level.
    · Initiate industry-related discussions with fellow Chapter Members.
    · Expand industry knowledge with participation in a Chapter Book Club.
  • Break
  • Chapter Networking
  • Lunch
  • Brenda Grady and Julie Billings
    Central New York Chapter
    Leadership Team Onboarding (President/President Elect Track)
    Strong chapter leadership requires proper onboarding. Ensuring chapter leaders receive the appropriate information to acquaint them with the chapter and the information to understand their role and expectations as chapter leaders is paramount to the success of chapters. Determining a suitable approach to conducting an onboarding program that mitigates potential issues helps ensure chapter leaders are properly onboarded and prepared to lead the chapter.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Describe the goals and objectives of effective leadership team onboarding.
    · Analyze the components to include in the onboarding of leadership team members.
    · Evaluate the challenges and issues of onboarding chapter leaders.
    · Assess an effective onboarding implementation approach and plan for your chapter’s leaders.
  • Erin Gangestad and Nicole Schmitt
    Central Iowa Chapter
    Communication Is Key! 4 Simple and Cost-Effective Ways to Unlock the Chapter Communications Mystery (Marketing and Communications Track)
    Are you trying to unlock the mystery of chapter communications? In this session we will put your detective skills to the test as we examine four key ways to solve the mystery of chapter communications. This hands-on workshop will focus on how to create an efficient and automated communication plan that will enhance your chapter footprint and increase member engagement. As you gather and examine the evidence, you will uncover an overview of our social media strategy, receive an introduction to the Wufoo tool to aid in automation and forms, take a look at our Month at a Glance template using Canva (and have an opportunity to create your own), and review our member recognition program “Members Making a Mark” to enhance member engagement. Do you have what it takes to crack the case?

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Learn about our social media strategy and how we use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to communicate with our chapter.
    · Explain our event communication plan, including our Month at a Glance initiative.
    · Review our chapter website to explore how we efficiently communicate events and market to our chapter through video messages, calendar views, and homepage widgets.
    · Walk through our Members Making a Mark recognition program and the use of Wufoo to create easy-to-fill-out submission forms.
    · Create a Month at a Glance communication to implement in your chapter using Canva.
  • Esther Jackson and Joan Allesee
    Detroit Chapter
    MeTRICS Are for Kids—Let's Get to the Chapter Analytics (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    Has your chapter tapped into the power potential of analytics? Move beyond the child’s play of metrics and into another level with analytics for your chapter’s operations. Learn about simple steps to leverage your chapter’s metrics to obtain analytics using an Analytics 4-A model. There will be a discussion of potential barriers and how to overcome them to achieve success on the analytical journey. Attendees will dive into fundamental categories of analytic capability to fuel innovation and allow the board to make more informed decisions for the chapter.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Distinguish among your chapter's data, metrics, and analytics.
    · Analyze sample metrics for chapter board application.
    · Determine ways to glean data-based insights.
    · Discuss ways to overcome potential challenges.
    · Create a realistic game plan using the 4-A model.
  • Michelle Beckert and Nate Salatin
    Florida Suncoast Chapter
    Data That Works: Heat Mapping for Member Engagement (Programming Track)
    This session is presented by Michelle Beckert (VP of Programs and Workshops), Nate Salatin (VP of Membership), and Sean McGinty (eLearning SIG Manager). The session will present a case study conducted to develop a strategy for engaging chapter members in multiple geographical locations. You will learn how to use heat mapping to synthesize local and national ATD membership data and how to use that data to identify target locations for member engagement events. We will showcase experiment data that allowed us to analyze attendance and engagement results, which will provide learners with a baseline of how a geographically diverse chapter increased engagement and the tools to replicate the experiment and increase local chapter engagement.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Synthesize local and national data.
    · Identify target locations for engagement events.
    · Experiment with different locations, times, and structures.
    · Analyze engagement data.
    · Recommend marketing and engagement strategy for the chapter.
  • Kristi Stewart and Sunni Wiltse
    Nebraska Chapter
    TL;DR: Leveraging Your Welcome Letter! (Membership Track)
    Does your email feel tired and outdated? Do you want to drive more members to your website and social media platforms? Do you struggle to make changes to multiple email templates? During this session you will discover ways to maximize your initial communication when a person joins your chapter. We will share our successes and failures of driving members to our website to take advantage of our benefits. Finally, you will learn about the different levels of member communications and explore customizing your membership email templates.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Explain the rationale behind the new format for welcoming new and returning members.
    · Demonstrate how to review your membership email templates and streamline the number of emails.
    · Utilize the templates in Wild Apricot to maximize your communications.
    · Learn how to drive new and returning members to your website and social media platforms.
    · Create an email template that you can take back to your chapter and use right away.
  • Break
  • Shannon Whitman and Roberto Montanez
    South Florida Chapter
    Next in Line: Recruiting and Maximizing the President-Elect Position (President/President Elect Track)
    Whether you are recruiting for the position of president-elect or considering taking on the role yourself, this session will help you make the most of this crucial year of preparation. We'll help you answer the five questions asked by every potential president-elect. We'll share the lessons we learned through our respective triumphs and tears and give you tools to create an onboarding plan that ensures your president-elect is fully prepared to take the helm. We'll share best practices for nomination processes and immersion activities, highlight available resources, and answer your questions regarding this pivotal role.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Identify resources available to assist in the onboarding process.
    · Answer the five questions every potential president-elect considers before committing to the job.
    · Create a succession-management plan that ensures your president-elect is ready to hit the ground running.
  • Jessica Jones
    Nebraska Chapter
    Driving Engagement Through Social Media (Marketing and Communications Track)
    Does your chapter need to put a little more "social" back into social media? Want more engagement with your audience? Whether your chapter is just starting to use social media or you're a pro, check out this session! Learn how to leverage the uniqueness in each social media platform to garner attention for chapter programs and events. Understand how board members contribute to the success of your social media posts and use analytics to measure the results.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Craft a message based on the social media platform.
    · Differentiate each platform usage.
    · Use social media to gain chapter exposure.
    · Measure success through website analytics.
  • Jennifer Rogers and Bernadette Costello
    Piedmont Chapter and Metro DC Chapter
    GROWing Chapter Leaders for Success (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    Our volunteer-led ATD chapters often have difficulty finding the right people to fill key volunteer or board positions that support the sustainability of the chapter. New board members may spend time floundering as they work to understand the ins and outs of their role, or we spend time tracking down those absentee board members with whom we “really need to have that ‘crucial conversation’ about their commitment to the position.” If only there were a way to develop high levels of trust, empowerment, and commitment that supports the sustainability of the chapter, promotes personal leadership development, and creates a super-strong chapter that members are chomping at the bit to engage with. Your chapter can experience this level of success by developing a peer coaching culture using the GROW model of coaching. In this session, the facilitators will share the positive benefits of developing a coaching culture within the chapter, describe the GROW model, and let you practice applying it. After ALC, there will be a follow-up opportunity in a group coaching setting to support leaders who are working to apply the GROW model on their boards.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Relate the positive benefits of developing a coaching mindset to support the growth of empowered, solution-driven leaders and volunteers.
    · Describe a simple and versatile model for coaching leaders and volunteers.
    · Apply the GROW model in a peer coaching setting.
    · Summarize best practices for creating a peer coaching culture within your chapter.
  • Jerome Bautista and Brandie Ota
    Hawaii Chapter
    Chance 'Em: Taking Calculated Risks to Diversify and Improve Your Programming (Programming Track)
    Having trouble bringing members out to your programs? Getting lots of no-shows? Finding your programs a bit bland or repetitive? ATD Hawai`i found itself in that situation. How do you breathe life into something that seems stale? You may find yourself with creative but risky ideas. In Hawai`i we’d say, “Chance um!” When we wanted to diversify the type, topics, speakers, and delivery of our program, we had to get creative and take calculated risks. We’ll show you a few cases of what we did; then we’ll collaborate in creating a collection of proven ideas to take back to your chapter and change up some of your programs.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Describe the importance of taking risks and being creative when putting together chapter programming.
    · Identify potential barriers to program diversification and discuss ways to overcome those barriers.
    · Apply brainstorming techniques to allow teammates to think outside the box for program planning.
  • Marci Morford and Sonja Torseth
    Puget Sound Chapter
    Growing Your Membership Footprint (Membership Track)
    Urban sprawl, suburban expanse, and heavy traffic combine in most of our regions to prevent members and potential members from consistently attending programs. In this interactive session, you'll get to know the city of New Chiattles, a major metro area with an ATD chapter. Acting as the board, you will work to grow New Chiattles’s membership footprint in measurable ways while improving the quality of its programs. You'll be given data, maps, and tools to help you understand the major challenges and concerns the chapter is facing then present and discuss your findings. Next, you'll explore how the ATD Puget Sound Chapter did exactly this—improved programming quality and greatly expanded the footprint of its membership. You'll walk away with awesome ideas that you can immediately implement for growing your geographical footprint regardless of your chapter's location or unique circumstances.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Implement three strategies for engaging members outside of your chapter’s primary geographic hub.
    · Structure your programs to ensure measurable, high-quality, widely accessible events.
    · Create a simple marketing plan for your new engagement strategy to continuously, effectively grow program attendance and chapter membership.
  • Break
  • General Session Keynote and Recognition Presentation: ATD President & CEO, Tony Bingham
  • ATD Resource EXPO and Networking Reception
    This is your opportunity to connect with fellow chapter leaders and learn more about ATD’s departments and communities of practice. Visit each table to meet the ATD staff and pick up valuable resources to take back to your chapter. Be sure to bring the drink ticket you received at registration. Wine, beer, and light hors d'oeuvres will be served. A cash bar also will be available.
  • Meet-to-Eat
    Continue the conversations that you begin during sessions by participating in meet-to-eat dinners on Thursday and Friday nights. Visit the registration desk for more information. All chapter leaders interested in meeting for informal dinner plans should gather in the lobby at 6:45 p.m. Attendees will pay their own way at dinner; NAC members will lead groups to neighborhood restaurants.
  • Netwalk
    These networking walks are a way for you to get some exercise and network with other chapter leaders at the same time. Our walk will be outdoors for about 50 minutes, at a pace that is brisk, but won't leave you too winded to talk with fellow chapter leaders. Meet us in the hotel lobby at 6 a.m. We’ll leave promptly at 6:10 and return by 7. If it is raining, we will still meet in the hotel lobby and decide if the walk will be held.
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  • ATD Store Open
  • Breakfast
  • Marci Morford and Sarah Schillen
    Puget Sound Chapter
    One Dream, One Team: How Visioning Can Unite Your Board (President/President Elect Track)
    What would be different if every board member and volunteer in your chapter was completely aligned on goals and priorities and walked steadfastly in the same direction all year long? How much easier would communication be if there were a core set of goals that would allow any person to think critically and reach a decision based on these shared principles? What if every chapter leader on a board shared the same goals, so they could never really be at odds with one another? In this session, you’ll work in groups to experience the chapter visioning activity that ATD Puget Sound Chapter uses to create alignment on annual goals in order to drive greater results across all its functions. You’ll learn about the impacts—in communication, teamwork, and the bottom line—that emerged from the shared vision. You will walk away with the tools and resources to bring this visioning activity to your chapter.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Analyze your board’s relative cohesion around annual goals and priorities.
    · Reflect on the positive and negative impacts of your board’s current level of cohesion.
    · Envision what an established annual vision could result in in terms of efficiency, efficacy, and overall chapter impact.
    · Create a partial plan for analyzing your board’s challenges and opportunities.
    · Facilitate a visioning session with your own board back at home.
  • Debbie Richards
    Houston Chapter
    Sponsorship 101—How to Attract and Keep Sponsors (Marketing and Communications Track)
    Sponsorships can be the difference between a sustainable chapter or stalled growth. But finding the right sponsors for your chapter can seem like an endless effort and keeping your sponsors year after year can feel nearly impossible. For many chapters, potential sponsors are hard to find and even harder to convert; but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. After all, you have something they want: the attention of their target audience. In this session, you will learn how to find sponsors for your chapter, win them over, and build long-lasting relationships.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Build your elevator pitch and messaging.
    · Understand how to find, attract, and retain the right sponsors.
    · Know how to make sponsors a valuable part of your chapter.
  • Jennifer Labrie Pereira and Jenn Buckley
    Nebraska Chapter and Florida Suncoast Chapter
    SOS—Please Someone Help Me ... Use an SOS (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    The Chapter Recognition Committee has heard your SOS cries! We are here to help you Share Our Success! We want to assist you not just with submitting a best practice but also with applying it to your chapter. This interactive session will include conversations with chapter leaders who’ve applied an SOS to their chapter processes and planning time for creating an action plan for their own chapter’s needs. At the end of the session, you will walk away with tools for applying an SOS and tips for ensuring success.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Be able to search the SOS repository to find submissions that apply to your chapter.
    · Apply an SOS to your chapter.
    · Identify the types of SOS topics applicable to your chapter process.
    · Determine how to modify an SOS for use with your chapter.
    · Develop a plan for applying an SOS to your chapter.
  • Sarah Onnen and Stacy Alexander
    Central Iowa Chapter
    Host a Signature Event Like You Meme It! (Programming Track)
    Whether you want to start an annual conference, host a yearly awards ceremony, or fine-tune your existing all-chapter meeting, preparation is key to success. Join the Central Iowa Chapter for an interactive and informative journey through the trenches of planning a large-scale event in this presentation guided by our favorite communication tool: the meme! President Sarah Onnen and president-elect Stacy Alexander will help define a chapter signature event, walk through ATD Central Iowa's signature event planning process, and review lessons learned from past events. We will also provide useful tools and help you start a project plan for your next signature event. After all, one does not simply plan a signature event without attending this meme-ingful session first. So, come on, join us and host a signature event like you meme it!

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Define a chapter signature event.
    · Review ATD Central Iowa's signature event planning process and tools that have helped it achieve success, including:
    - project planning spreadsheet
    -budget documents
    -committee lead tools
    -event hosting resources
    · Explore more than a decade's worth of successes and areas of opportunity learned from hosting our annual event.
    · Create the beginning of project plan for a chapter signature event.
  • Donna Horrigan and Renee Herendeen
    Greater Boston Chapter
    Maximize Your Membership: Optimizing Attraction and Retention (Membership Track)
    This session will be a hands-on learning experience to increase membership while engaging and retaining current members. Renee, a marketing consultant, and Donna, VP of membership, will take you through the planning process to ensure the proper steps are taken across the entire member journey. Hot topics will include digital marketing, social media, new and prospective member orientation, crowd sourcing with members to plan future events, and content calendar planning. We’ll help you map out a strategic 12-month plan to maximize your membership efforts and discuss marketing, programming, and membership outreach tactics.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Understand how to attract, engage, and retain members.
    · Learn about messaging and marketing tactics.
    · Develop and execute against strategy.
    · Learn best practices to ensure regular program meetings are meaningful and community building for members and guests.
    · Utilize member input to build dynamic and meaningful programming.
  • Break
  • Liz Weber ALC Headshot
    Liz Weber
    CEO, CSP, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker
    General Session Keynote: Liz Weber
    Leading, especially leading volunteers, can be challenging for even the most experienced chapter leaders. With insights from her own experience as a volunteer leader, real client scenarios, and exercises, Liz Weber will share her Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development model. This simple model will help you quickly identify why your volunteer teams underperform, depend on you to solve their problems, and cause you to work the long hours you do.

    In this session, you will:
    · Identify where you need to focus your volunteer leadership development energies.
    · Learn how to change your leadership stage to enhance your team’s performance.
    · Create a process for developing leadership depth throughout your chapter.
  • Break and Liz Weber Book Signing
  • Adam White and Jennifer Labrie Pereira
    Central Pennsylvania Chapter and Nebraska Chapter
    WTF? This Is BS! (What the Finance? This Is a Balance Sheet!)
    As chapter leaders, we need to be stewards of the money our members entrust to us. Even though most of us try to avoid having financial conversations with family and friends, these conversations are vital to ensure we keep our members’ best interests in mind. Your chapter’s finances are just as important as your membership and events.
    During this hands-on workshop, we will introduce you to the inner workings of the finances at our respective chapters—how we track, share, and budget. While each of us feels our chapter’s processes are the best, our workshop will help all of us create a balance sheet and processes that can be used for any chapter. You will have the opportunity to share what you do in your chapter, role play financial conversations with fellow board members, and understand how finance is not just dollars and cents—it can drive the future of your chapter. Tools to help you apply a financial process will be shared so you can use it immediately in your chapter. This will provide an opportunity to sharpen your understanding of your goals and facilitate discussion of the financial realities of your organization with your chapter leaders. Come prepared with a copy of your chapter’s budget, balance sheets, financial statements, and questions!

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Examine the money management process and develop a plan to track financial performance, accountability, and reporting timeframes.
    · Recognize the importance of keeping accurate finances for your chapter.
    · Connect financial data with other chapter data points.
    · Leverage data to determine action items for your chapter upon return from ALC.
  • Rance Greene
    Dallas Chapter
    Telling Your Chapter's Story: Discover, Design, and Deliver Your Value Proposition Through Storytelling
    Your chapter has a unique value to your local members. But telling that value story may be a challenge. Join Rance Greene, from ATD Dallas, for a lively workshop where you will apply a simple model that unearths the characters, the conflict, and the value of your organization. The session begins with a short exercise that articulates your value story. Then, as a group, you will choose a target audience and build a story that communicates your chapter's value to that audience, using the Story Design model as your guide. ATD Dallas examples will provide insight and inspiration.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · List your chapter's target audiences.
    · Articulate your chapter's value proposition to that audience.
    · Design a story to reach the audience.
    · Write your personal value story regarding your chapter.
  • Michelle Baker and Tracie Cantu
    Central Indiana Chapter and Austin Chapter
    CARE, Demystified: Preparing and Submitting Your Chapter’s Report With Confidence
    CARE (Chapter Affiliation Requirements) is a crucial component of running your chapter like a business and an indicator of long-term chapter success. Chapters that are consistently CARE-achieved are more likely to engage members and thrive, but it can be an stressful process for some chapter leaders. In this session, experienced chapter leaders will guide your exploration through the various components of CARE to prepare for your chapter’s submission due January 31, 2020. After this session, you will walk away with a list of best practices for completing your CARE workbook, a toolbox of helpful CARE resources, and a list of stakeholders on your chapter board who should be involved in the submission process. This session will also provide a forum to discuss upcoming changes to the CARE framework and an opportunity to learn about activities that will support your continued success.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Complete parts of the CARE workbook in preparation for your chapter’s submission (due January 31, 2020).
    · Identify key stakeholders on your board who can support the CARE planning and submission process.
    · Access resources that will assist your board in preparing and completing the CARE submission.
    · Confidently discuss the changes to the 2020 CARE framework with fellow chapter leaders.
  • Jamie Millard and Karen Freedman
    Bay Colonies Chapter
    Be Strategic: Create an Annual Journey Map of Programs
    Has your board ever struggled with planning programs and chapter events for the year? Have you ever felt like program planning was done ad-hoc, one-at-a-time, and at the last minute? Do your members sometimes question the value and impact of your programs? The award-winning Bay Colonies Chapter will share its amazing annual strategic planning process where we craft a programming theme for each year and identify a year's worth of programs that fit into that theme, providing a clear, progressive path of development for members. Through a hands-on team exercise, gain experience you can take immediately back to your board to enable them to craft a creative, graphical journey map that communicates the development your members will experience by attending your programs. In this highly experiential session, be prepared to work in teams to craft a key strategic theme for your fiscal year, brainstorm a series of specific programs that support that theme, and share ideas for identifying speakers for each program. Finally, you will collaborate in teams to create and share a visual graphic with your members that will help communicate the value and impact of attending multiple chapter meetings.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Mobilize your board to think strategically and plan an entire year of programs that fully meet the needs and interests of your membership.
    · Develop a coherent and compelling theme for your chapter's program year.
    · Craft a creative road map graphic that communicates the journey members will experience by attending your chapter meetings.
    · Demonstrate clear benefits of chapter membership and the value of attending multiple chapter meetings.
  • Debbie Richards
    Houston Chapter
    Wild Apricot—Tips and Tricks
    Wild Apricot is web-based software that automates and simplifies the management of your membership and website. Wild Apricot consists of several modules that work together—membership management, website (CMS), event registration, online payments, emails, and donations. Come to this session to share your tips and tricks for using Wild Apricot in your chapter. The presenter will share tips and tricks along with best practices, after which you will be invited to share yours.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Learn how to ramp up your website with videos and interactive elements.
    · Understand how to add hidden pages for volunteers and board members.
    · Share tips and tricks you have learned using Wild Apricot.
  • Lunch
  • NAC Meetings with Chapters
  • Break
  • Katie Vaillancourt and Bonnie Moore
    Main Chapter and Houston Chapter
    On or Off—Which Way Is Your Board Heading? (President/President Elect Track)
    This interactive session will help you understand and value effective onboarding processes for chapter leaders in various roles. Job descriptions, calendars, and templates for chapter leadership that focus on knowledge of ATD and leadership skills along with engaging activities will allow you and your chapter to evolve your onboarding to something leaders look forward to. You will see the value and success your chapter can experience long-term when onboarding is done in an effective and fun way.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Understand the importance of true onboarding for chapter leaders.
    · Analyze your chapter structure and current onboarding processes to evaluate effectiveness.
    · Receive onboarding templates and timelines for effective onboarding.
    · Apply new and shared information to expand and enhance your onboarding processes.
  • Katie Kuhl
    Nebraska Chapter
    Use Member Testimonials to Increase Chapter Engagement and Involvement (Marketing and Communications Track)
    Think about all the purchases you've recently made or events you've attended. It's highly likely that your purchase or attendance was recommended by someone you know or whose opinion you value. These communications—whether by word of mouth, in an online review, or posted on a friend's Facebook wall—probably helped you form an opinion that led you to take action. Although marketing tactics flood our experiences every day, it's the recommendations of other people—our peers in particular—that have the biggest influence on our decisions. This is why testimonials can be so impactful for organizations—they offer an authentic and candid human component rather than a formal one full of marketing jargon and impersonal tactics. Members are more likely to participate when they see people like themselves have used a resource or attended an event they've benefited from. In this session you'll learn about the power of testimonials for your chapter and how to request and craft these on your own communication platforms to drive your member engagement. You'll hear how testimonials drive traffic to your website (research shows they are often the second thing clicked on by people browsing). At the end of the session, you'll also take a tour of the Nebraska Chapter's new website and learn tips and tricks about how to incorporate testimonials into your chapter marketing plan, with a great practice activity to create your first testimonial.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Learn about the power of testimonials from a psychological perspective (what makes humans desire this form of communication).
    · Identify different types of testimonials and understand the value and purpose of using testimonials in your chapter's content and member interactions to drive engagement and participation.
    · Visualize how to incorporate testimonials into your different communication platforms (website, programs, social media, networking).
    · Learn how to request and craft testimonials.
    · Create a testimonial for your chapter.
  • Deadra Welcome
    Metro DC Chapter
    Hey, Where Is Everyone? (Chapter Management/Professional Development Track)
    Oh no, where is everyone? Have you been there? Unfortunately, many of us have experienced that panicked feeling when most of the board has disappeared and we don't know why. It's extremely challenging to keep a volunteer board engaged when everyone has different motivations. The great thing is that most board members share the common goal of providing membership value and achieving the chapter mission. We must be observant and aware of the common signs of board dysfunction and overcome them at the earliest stage. Our chapters benefit when we regularly assess our board effectiveness and take ownership of dysfunction by fixing it. Increasing your awareness and being prepared to address situations before they become problems is essential.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Create a board retention plan.
    · Identify when they are at risk of losing board members.
    · Discuss common board dysfunction.
    · Explain how to retain board members.
  • Zachary Konopka and David Marx
    New York City Chapter
    How and Why Regular Webinar Programming Matters! (Programming Track)
    The ATD NYC chapter realized ATD National has a number of untapped resources that could be leveraged for the benefit our members. Our human capital as a professional association is our most valuable resource. Understanding modes in which we can find more collaboration creates an immensely beneficial opportunity to learn from the best talent management leaders available. In this session, see the road map ATD NYC followed to bring in some of the most well-recognized people associated with ATD. We prospected CPLP leaders to share their knowledge and insight with our chapter every month. We aligned much of what they shared with our in-person monthly programs to create a collaborative learning architecture supported by many of the concepts in the ATD Competency Model. Our revenue increased, our joint membership increased, and the tangible value we were able to provide to our members was obvious.

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · Understand how ongoing webinar programming enhances your chapter value.
    · Provide a road map from prospecting presenters to streamlining the logistics.
    · Enhance the relationship between your chapter, ATD National, and the network and brand your chapter can build.
    · See how virtual programming can drive in-person meetings for greater revenue.
    · Improve member participation that will appeal to technologically savvy members and prospects.
  • Dana Vogelmeier
    Central Ohio Chapter
    Membership Makeover: Tips for Creating Energized, Enthusiastic, and Engaged Members Who Stay With Your Chapter! (Membership Track)
    Do you want to attract and engage new members to your chapter? Come join us for new ideas. Once members join, you have to work to get them involved so they stick with you—involved enough that they contribute where they want to but not so much they burn out!

    By the end of this session, you will:
    · List several methods for attracting new members upon returning to your chapter.
    · List methods for retaining new members.
    · Create a plan while in class about how to apply these techniques when you return to your chapter.
  • Closing Ice Cream Social
    Celebrate the learning you shared throughout ALC 2019 and enjoy a tasty treat! In addition, winners from the Resource EXPO drawings will be announced. You must be present to win.