ALC First Time Attendee Session

The ALC Program Advisory Committee conducted a webinar to help new attendees prepare for ALC by providing attendees a clear idea of what to expect at ALC.
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The second session will be onsite on Friday, May 19 from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. PT.
  • First Time Attendee Orientation
  • Welcome Networking Reception
  • Netwalk
  • ALC Welcome and Breakfast
  • Build Your Chapter and Promote Inclusive, Accessible, and Meaningful ATD ( I am ATD) Experiences through Networking
    Join this session to experience outreach and collaboration in an inclusive and meaningful way that helps expand and diversify your talent development network. Walk away with tools you can use to advance your career, add value to your chapter, and impact your community. During the session, key challenges chapters face will be addressed as you serve member needs, attract volunteers, build a leadership pipeline, and achieve Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) status. Leave the session with tools, strategies, and an expanded network you can apply to build your I am ATD campaign; recruit, activate, inspire, serve, and engage (RAISE) members; build a chapter volunteer and leadership pipeline; and expand programming.

    In this session, you will:
    • Learn how to leverage the power of networking to RAISE diverse community stakeholders.
    • Improve your chapter’s ability to build inclusive, accessible, and meaningful (I am ATD) experiences.
    • Acquire strategies to increase and diversify membership, boards, and board pipelines.

    • Juliet Hart, ATD Mid-New Jersey / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • Kimberli Jeter, ATD San Diego / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, CPTD®, ATD Hawaii / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • Adam White, ATD Central Pennsylvania / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • How Governance Documents Support Your Chapter’s Success
    This session will focus on the backbone of the chapter—its governance documents. An ATD chapter is a business first and foremost, making its governance documents the framework informing all decisions and can help to avoid difficulties. What information belongs in the bylaws, policies, and procedures? What’s the difference between them? How up-to-date are your chapter’s position descriptions? As a board member, what are your legal responsibilities?

    In this session, you will:
    • Hear about the purpose of the different governance documents, including articles of incorporation (AOIs), bylaws, policies, and procedures, and identify what belongs in each.
    • Identify which information belongs in each type of document
    • Understand the three legal duties of a not-for-profit or non-profit board member.
    • List the ten basic responsibilities of a not-for-profit or non-profit board.

    • Jennifer Buckley, MEd, MBA, MCCT, CPTD®, ATD Florida Suncoast / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Just Right: A Small Chapter’s Story of Digitizing Records and Migrating to a Free Bookkeeping System
    Does your small chapter rely on Excel sheets to track your finances? Or is the chapter paying for QuickBooks and realizing it only needs a quarter of its functionality? Learn how the ATD Hawaii Chapter migrated from paper to digital filing and from QuickBooks to Wave, a free SAAS application. The ATD Hawaii chapter is a small chapter with 102 members and 37 power members. Prior to 2021, the chapter utilized the desktop version of QuickBooks for all its bookkeeping needs and relied on paper documentation created challenges with business continuity; each new vice president of finance had to transfer physical and digital files. Join us as the Hawaii chapter shares its experience of creating a system that reduces a small chapter’s time, cost, and business continuity risk.

    In this session, you will:
    • Understand how digitizing financial records and migrating to a SAAS bookkeeping system can increase business continuity.
    • Compare the benefits of moving from Quickbooks to Wave.
    • Comprehend the functionality of Wave and how it has worked for a small chapter.
    • Determine whether moving from a system like QuickBooks to one like Wave would work for your chapter.

    • Julianne Odo, ATD Hawaii Chapter
  • Let’s Have Fun: Powerful Activities to Build Your Team
    Team building brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. The primary purpose of team building is to create a strong team by forming bonds and connections while working toward a common goal. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. Come participate in these fun activities so you can take them home to your members and start crushing your goals. Don’t worry about bringing your pen and paper to this session, but bring your cameras, because you’re going to want to remember this experience.

    In this session, you will:
    • Define characteristics of a high-performing team, recognize methods for building a high-performance team, and understand how to relate those to membership.
    • Collaborate with other chapter leaders to brainstorm ways to connect high-performing teams to chapter success.
    • Design and evaluate activities for chapters to deploy as vehicles of engagement for chapter growth.

    • Rusty Shields, ATD Central Indiana
  • Break
  • Build Your Own New Member Orientation Workshop
    Whether you need to build a new member orientation from scratch or take your current presentation up a notch, this workshop has something in it for you. The presenters will share three integrated design tactics to support adaptive facilitation and elevated engagement during your orientation sessions. Even if improvisation isn't your strong suit, these tactics will increase your ability to accommodate the unique blend of interests that each cadre of new members has - on the spot. Bring your laptop to use a template the presenters provide, or work from your existing presentation, to build an engaging presentation for your chapter!

    In this session, you will:
    • Learn about the three tactics through a guided examination of ATD Nebraska’s new member orientation presentation.
    • Experience the three tactics in action.
    • Exchange ideas about how to implement these tactics with your chapter's goals and content in mind.
    • Get a solid start on building a new member orientation presentation, or take your current presentation through the next iteration.

    • Stephanie Blakemore, ATD Nebraska
    • Michele Michaelis, ATD Nebraska
  • Making the Most of Your Board Retreats
    Recruiting volunteers and navigating complex schedules have made it increasingly difficult to motivate board members to participate in onboarding, take ownership of chapter goal-setting, and share in succession planning. This session will focus on implementing a few key strategies to create a purposeful agenda for a retreat involving your entire board.

    In this session, you will:
    • Determine the best content for onboarding incoming board members.
    • Learn to implement a step-by-step goal-setting process across each board committee and compare formats across committees for effective annual budget planning.
    • Optimize your retreat effectiveness by brainstorming venues and team-building strategies for maximum board member engagement and creating sample templates for a retreat agenda, budget worksheets, and a slide deck for goal planning.

    • Debbie Petrue, ATD Nebraska
    • Kristi Stewart, ATD Nebraska
  • Ready for a Challenge? Take Your Chapter’s DEI Initiatives to the Next Level
    In this session, participants will take their chapters to the next level with DE&I. ATD chapters have progressed in building communities of DEI champions and leveraging our mutual experiences to enhance discussions and our capabilities, but there are still open questions. Have you initiated transparent conversations around DEI? Do you consider your chapter diverse? How can you best use your current diversity? Have you recruited a DEI champion? Delve deep into honest conversations as we break into groups representing the different stages of chapters on the DEI journey. These conversations will spur ideas about what you can achieve with DEI in your chapter’s future. Anticipate building new relationships and selecting accountability partners to accomplish your chapter’s DEI goals in 2023.

    In this session, you will:
    • Determine the commitment levels of various chapters to DEI through sharing stories of initiatives.
    • Participants will share examples (stories) of DE&I initiatives
    • Establish achievable DEI goals for your chapter by developing customized pathway options.
    • Explore and share DEI resources. within ATD and external (other well-known DE&I organizations)

    • Rosemary A. Okoiti, CPTD®, ATD New York City / ALC Planning Committee (PAC)
    • Juliet Hart, ATD Mid-New Jersey / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Show Me the Money! Managing Your Chapter’s Finances
    Every organization must have tangible resources to support its operations to ensure viability, longevity, and value proposition. More importantly, those resources must be documented, accounted for, and adequately reported to ensure the chapter meets ATD’s requirements, including local and national laws. An ATD chapter’s value proposition to its members requires that its finances be in order. If you must stand up or revitalize your chapter’s finance program, this class is for you.

    In this session, you will:
    • Understand the purpose of the chapter’s finance position to include the requirements indicated by ATD and its relationship to the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) program as the cornerstone of an accountable and transparent financial management program.
    • Appreciate how the budget is aligned to the quantifiable and qualifiable goals of the chapter to include its relationship to the value proposition of any implemented learning, social, or related program event.
    • List and explain all pertinent tools a Chapter’s Finance program must have to include best practices in their utilization.
    • Learn how ATD’s Chapter Finance Toolkit can be used as a benchmark in implementing or revitalizing any chapter finance program.

    • Samuel Caballero, ATD San Antonio
  • Sourcing Rock Star Speakers: Programming with a Purpose
    Programming plays a vital role in the vibrancy of your chapter. Where do you find first-class speakers to deliver exceptional content for your chapter members? In this session, you will explore specific steps to proactively plan hit programs, walk away with tools and actions to host stellar speakers, and construct a plan for hosting your first headliner.

    In this session, you will:
    • Leverage tools and actions and create a plan to host headlining speakers at your monthly chapter meetings.
    • Explore specific steps you can take to proactively plan programs aligning with the Talent Development Capability Model™ and meet chapter members’ learning needs.
    • Access specific survey questions that help tailor events to chapter members’ learning needs in preparation for purposeful monthly chapter meetings.

    • Jennifer Zach, ATD Hawkeye
  • Break
  • Think Tank Networking Sessions
    • Chapter Programs (Hybrid & In-Person)
    • Conference Planning
    • Governance: Succession Planning & Engagement
    • Revenue Generation/Finances
    • Membership Recruitment/Retention
  • Lunch
  • Finance: What Did I Get Myself Into?
    You have been asked to be your chapter’s vice president of finance but have limited experience. During this session, you will learn how to evaluate the processes in place for the vice president of finance role. After roundtable discussions, you will leave this session with strategies to update your chart of accounts, budgeting worksheets, strategies for budget meetings, ideas to maximize QuickBooks, an understanding of the importance of reconciling, and engagement strategies for your board.

    In this session, you will:
    • Better understanding the vice president of finance role.
    • Break down your chapter’s current financial processes to find gaps or areas to improve and create a plan for incoming financial board members.
    • Examine and present best practices in five categories: chart of accounts, budgeting, QuickBooks, reconciling, and involving board members.
    • Collaborate to create a plan for any incoming VP of Finance and board member

    • Kristi Stewart, ATD Nebraska
  • Get your Board on Board with Everboarding
    Does your chapter aspire to cultivate a team-first culture but need help maintaining engagement once onboarding ends? Many chapters have a day on which onboarding new board members ends, and often, they’re not ready for the abrupt end. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it in a volunteer environment. Learning must be constant and reinforced through an everboarding strategy. In this session, you will learn how to prepare new board members to embrace a continuous learning experience. The presenters will share how to identify technologies that support this strategy, too.

    In this session, you will:
    • Understand how everboarding leads to higher board member engagement and better performance.
    • Identify how your current processes can evolve to support your everboarding efforts and create a strategy to improve your engagement and retention efforts.
    • Walk away with a blueprint for your chapter.

    • Gina Epperson, ATD Nebraska
    • Amber Watts, ATD Nebraska
  • Wild Apricot: Tips and Tricks
    In this session, attendees will learn tips and tricks to make using Wild Apricot easier. You will learn how to apply updates to the membership section, including creating custom emails and updating system messages, creating discount codes for membership drives, and modifying the contact and member data fields. This session will dive into reports, discussing custom reports and layouts. You will learn to edit and update email templates and start an email from scratch. This session will also include email tracking, web page creation, and updates. You will learn how to apply ATD colors and styles and how to use gadgets such as video and custom HTML. Even if you are new to Wild Apricot, this session is appropriate to attend, but you will need admin rights to your Wild Apricot site if you want to try the tips in your account.

    In this session, you will:
    • Manage the administrative functions of the chapter website, including membership, events, and website pages.
    • Understand the value of reports and how to create them.
    • Use the Wild Apricot email section for targeted marketing.

    • Debbie Richards, ATD Houston
  • Wrangling SMEs for Success
    Whether directly involved with chapter programming or chapter operations, you must work with subject matter experts (SMEs) within and outside your organization to create content for your chapter. Because of deadlines, interpersonal relationships, and internal politics, a scenario that would otherwise offer an organization a great opportunity for internal collaboration may become an exercise in managing challenges. This presentation will provide insights and wisdom to get past the pain points so you can deliver critical results to the people you serve.

    In this session, you will:
    • Discuss chapter leaders’ common issues when dealing with SMEs and consider the rationale behind perceived difficult SME behaviors.
    • Explain effective strategies for chapter leaders to include problematic SMEs and deliver results.
    • Apply SME-management strategies in a scenario-based example.

    • Rob Hoitt, CPTD®, ATD West Virginia / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Break
  • Benchmark Your Chapter Using CARE Data
    One of the most common questions the National Advisors for Chapters (NAC) receives is, “What are other chapters doing?” While chapter leaders want ideas, they also want to know how their chapter compares to others. The answer is available to the chapter leader through data collected yearly via the Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) program report. In this session, you will understand how to find this data while unpacking key points from the past five years. Through a variety of activities that get you moving, you will experience the data’s relevancy for your chapter. You will also be able to benchmark how your chapter compares, identify at least one area for improvement, and meet other chapter leaders who share common goals.

    In this session, you will:
    • Practice finding the CARE data report for future reference.
    • Benchmark the status of your own chapter in relation to others and identify one area to improve in 2023, based on the data from the CARE report.
    • Meet other chapter leaders sharing common chapter goals.

    • Jess Almlie, ATD Valley of the Sun
  • Identifying, Submitting, and Using an SOS
    Participants will learn about the scope and purpose of the Chapter Recognition Committee and how the resources available on, such as the Sharing Our Success (SOS) program, can benefit their chapter. Through activities and discussion, participants will review the resources available and practice adapting those materials to suit their chapter’s needs. Guidance will be provided so that attendees can draft an SOS submission through the mini SOS format during the session. We’ll also navigate the repository to discover relevant SOSs while participating in a group activity.

    In this session, you will:
    • Understand the purpose and importance of submitting and referencing SOSs.
    • Successfully navigate through the repository to discover relevant SOSs by following instructions and participating in a group activity.
    • Describe the ways an SOS can be modified to use in your chapter.
    • Review and recognize the criteria for an approved SOS and Chapter of the Month consideration.

    • Juliet Hart, ATD Mid-New Jersey / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC) / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Donna Hailey, ATD Houston / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • David Jarvis, ATD Central Indiana Chapter ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Missy Korduner, ATD Baton Rouge Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Jason Yerep, CPTD® / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC), ATD Valley of the Sun / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
  • Making SIGs Work
    After this session, participants will understand the importance of special interest group (SIG) workshops to overall chapter programming. You will be able to source leaders to head your chapter’s SIGs and develop strategies for supporting SIG leaders. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about how to host a SIG, where to find SIG leaders, hosts, and speakers, how to come up with relevant SIG content, and more.

    In this session, you will:
    • Discuss SIGs and highlight their benefits for chapters.
    • Review the potential challenges SIG workshop hosts may face and discuss the requirements for SIG workshop topics.
    • Provide ideas for running your own consistent and profitable SIG events using ATD’s Fort Worth Mid Cities Chapter as a case study.

    • Samuel Apata, ATD Forth Worth/Mid-Cities
  • Offering Training Programs for Your Members
    With the right planning and resources, this session will help you build & execute a signature event through sponsorships to your chapter. During the session, dive into wins and opportunities from the Nebraska Chapter’s experience of hosting their own Training Program, Trainer’s Institute. The session will include small group discussion and breakouts to encourage conversation and idea-sharing among participants.

    In this session, you will:
    • Develop ways to connect with local community partners by hosting a learning program.
    • Create a marketing and communication plan that will help drive engagement to those new to the industry, along with connecting with your corporate members.
    • Receive handouts, including a project planning timeline, budget spreadsheet, marketing outline, and post-session survey template.

    • Debbie Petru, ATD Nebraska
    • Gina Epperson, ATD Nebraska
  • Things Your Brain Does When You’re Not Looking
    Ever wonder what’s happening in your unconscious mind? During this session, see how your brain uses shortcuts, why we need it to, and how to ensure it doesn’t make big decisions without you. You’ll learn some tips and tricks that will change how you think and how to use this superpower to reenergize your chapter, membership, and board.

    In this session, you will:
    • Recognize at least two types of unconscious bias within yourself through large group activities, discussion, and debriefing.
    • Understand the biological origins of unconscious bias and recognize why and how the brain responds to stimuli resulting in implicit bias.
    • Leave the session with a chapter improvement plan meeting the unique needs of your board.

    • Wendy Picard, ATD Bay Colonies
  • Closing Networking Event
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