ALC 2024 First-Time Attendee Orientation WebinarMay 2, 2024 at 6pm ET
To welcome first-time participants to the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC), the ALC Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC) is hosting a pre-conference virtual session! This session will offer an overview of what to expect, aiding attendees in their preparation for the event. Join us for this pre-conference networking opportunity and discover how to make the most of your time at ALC! Register Here!

On-site First-Time Attendee session is on Friday, May 17 from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT. at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
  • First Time Attendee Orientation
    To welcome participants to the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC), the ALC Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC) is hosting the First-Time Attendee Orientation to help familiarize attendees with the conference venue, introduce resources, and provide tips to maximize the ALC experience. Even though the session name says “First-Time,” anyone attending ALC is encouraged to attend!
  • Welcome Networking Reception
  • Netwalk
    Kick-start your day with the ALC Netwalk! This networking walk offers you the chance to prepare both your mind and your body for a day of learning while connecting with fellow chapter leaders. Led by National Advisor for Chapters (NAC). Adam White, the walk will take place outdoors for approximately 50 minutes. Meet outside of the main entrance of the convention center, located at the corner of Julia Street and Convention Center Boulevard at 6 a.m. Walkers will depart promptly at 6:10 a.m. and return by 7 a.m. In the event of rain, the Netwalk will be cancelled.
  • ALC Welcome and Breakfast
  • Crafting the Future: Designing an Empowering Leader Journey for Succession
    Imagine having a visual roadmap that shows a brand-new board member or potential board member what to expect throughout their term as a chapter leader…in one place! In one document they can see a timeline, milestones, resources for support, and even potential competencies that could help fill a development gap needed for their job or career. The example we’ll walk through in this session is the 15 month timeline the Greater Atlanta chapter leaders follow, and it’s divided into four phases – onboarding, leading, evaluating and next steps. Each phase includes key initiatives the leader completes and the potential skills, supporting resources, and level of leader competence and confidence we aim for during each phase. While this session focuses on using the new leader's journey as a hand-off from the outgoing leader to their incoming leader, or as a board member recruiting tool for a President elect, leaders can also reimagine this roadmap for their own committee to help with recruiting volunteers and succession planning. All participants will leave this session with their own leader journey roadmap template to share with their successor and/or team.

    In this session:
    • Leaders will be able to design a leader journey for their role and include resources and potential competencies gained as they complete key tasks and milestones throughout the year.
    • When the leader journey is finalized, leaders will be ready to share the tool with new and/or potential board members.
    • Leaders will be encouraged to think outside the box to see how they can use this journey as a resource when recruiting volunteers for their own committee and/or working through succession planning.

    • Allison Baldwin, ATD Greater Atlanta Chapter / ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC)
    • Nicole Ghosten, ATD Greater Atlanta Chapter
  • Everyone's Favorite F-Word--Making Chapter Finance Easy and Fun
    Chapter finances are typically something that no one wants to talk about. Usually this the Board position that is the hardest to recruit and keep filled on a regular basis. Why? Because Finance is the position that gets a bad rap for saying NO to everything and seems difficult to understand. Also, Finance usually has the least amount of interaction with members and doesn’t get a lot of recognition. This presentation will help your Chapter de-mystify the finances, find out what is behind the Finance curtain and make this the Board position everyone loves.

    After attending this session, attendees should be able to:
    • Create a yearly Chapter budget based on data from previous years expenses
    • Reconcile monthly expenses and easily identify areas of concern
    • Execute a yearly financial review for both CARE and Chapter transparency
    • Create calendar of monthly and yearly filing deadlines and what is required

    • Kimberle Schumann, ATD Valley of the Sun Chapter
  • How to CARE-fully Accelerate Your Chapter's Strategic Work
    Running a chapter is hard! Between learning your role on the fly, bringing new board members up to speed, and handling the daily whirlwind, it's challenging to know where to focus. In this session, new and experienced board members will learn how to use the ATD Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) to prioritize their board work, solve common operational challenges, and improve their execution of key projects.

    When used strategically, CARE can simplify your board's activities, streamline your operations, and improve your chapter's results. See how you CARE can make your work easier while giving you clarity to succeed in your role!

    APPLICATION: Participating chapter leaders will be able to EXPLAIN how CARE can guide their chapter's strategic choices and month-by-month execution. They will see that they are successful in LEARNING terms by describing how their chapter can use CARE to prioritize their initiatives and in BEHAVIORAL terms by identifying a strategic priority.

    ANALYSIS: Participating chapter leaders will be able to DIAGNOSE where their chapter does not have adequate visibility into their CARE-based operations. They will see that they are successful in BEHAVIORAL terms by setting board agenda items and/or governance tasks to proactively eliminate CARE blind spots. Participants should expect RESULTS outcomes from these activities of spending less time filling out the CARE survey at the end of the year and better operational metrics related to those CARE items (e.g., higher retention, increased operating profit).

    APPLICATION: Participating chapter leaders will be able to IDENTIFY CARE resources and practices to improve their specific chapter's operations. They will see they are successful in LEARNING terms by accessing appropriate resources and in BEHAVIORAL terms by planning next steps for specific operational needs.

    • Colin Hahn, ATD Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • Juliet Hart, ATD Mid-New Jersey / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • Lisa Torreano, CPTD® / Houston Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
    • The ATD NAC CARE Committee
  • Incentivizing Member Engagement: Designing and Implementing a Rewards System
    Elevate your chapter membership and fuel member engagement with insights from the Baton Rouge Chapter's innovative engagement & incentive program! Discover how they transformed passive members into enthusiastic and engaged attendees and contributors. In this session, you will get a look behind the curtain to learn how you can create your own Membership Engagement & Incentive Program.

    Join us for this transformative workshop and unlock the strategies that propelled the Baton Rouge Chapter engagement to new heights. Learn firsthand how their approach led to increased membership, meeting attendance, and volunteer recruitment!

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Explain the benefits of the rewards system to chapter leaders.
    • Create a rewards card unique to their chapter.
    • Implement a membership engagement system to incentivize participation from members in chapter activities.

    • Julie Miller, ATD Baton Rouge Chapter
    • Tara Gallope, ATD Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Leading with Learning: The Power of a Professional Growth Series in Your Chapter
    Join us for an interactive session that provides a blueprint for elevating your chapter's membership engagement through a tailored Professional Growth Series. Drawing inspiration from the Nashville Chapter's success, this learning session will reveal key strategies for developing engaging programs that not only cultivate a growth mindset and sharpen professional skills but also significantly boost attendee registrations and membership participation.

    Session attendees will gain insights into:
    • Strategic Planning - Learn how to identify the unique needs of your members and design a series that aligns with their aspirations and your chapter’s goals.
    • Content Curation- Discover how to select topics and formats that captivate and educate, ensuring each session is compelling for your membership. We will share generative AI tips to enhance the learners' experience and allow the content team to effectively manage their time.
    • Marketing Magic- Get hands-on with promotional strategies, including the use of social media graphics that have worked successfully to engage.

    Attendees will leave equipped with a variety of practical resources, including sample agendas, session descriptions, and social media graphics, all designed to help you create a Professional Growth Series that truly resonates with your members.

    • Lei Comerford, ATD Nashville
  • Scrappy and Strategic: Leveraging Digital Marketing for Chapter Engagement
    In this workshop you'll learn to leverage e-newsletters, harness the potential of LinkedIn, and optimize your member management platform for marketing. We’ll delve into data analytics to inform your efforts and boost engagement within your chapter community. Uncover techniques for maximizing resources to connect, communicate, and drive meaningful participation in your chapter's mission. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the power of scrappy digital marketing strategies your chapter can implement today!

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Evaluate your chapter's digital marketing tools and resources
    • Determine how to use e-newsletters to elevate chapter engagement
    • Optimize LinkedIn to engage and grow your chapter community
    • Find and respond to data analytics to inform chapter marketing efforts
    • Implement low-cost, high impact (scrappy) digital marketing strategies

    • Heather Boyle, ATD Rhode Island
  • Break
  • Think Tank Networking Sessions
    The Think Tank Networking Sessions will be facilitated by the ALC Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC) and the Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC). These sessions are designed for participants to discuss successes and challenges related to the designated room topic. Together, attendees will brainstorm strategies to overcome hurdles and glean insights from each other's accomplishments. The facilitators' role is to sustain the dialogue among participants, fostering an interactive exchange of ideas. The aim is to cultivate an atmosphere where participants freely share insights and collaborate on addressing challenges specific to the topic.

    • Board of Directors and Governance, R02
    • Programming, R03
    • Finance, R04
    • Membership, R05
    • Communication and Marketing, R06
    • DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, R07
  • Break
  • An Accessibility Audit for Your ATD Chapter
    Is your ATD Chapter accessible to people with disabilities? Let's find out! In this session, we'll examine the technology currently used by many ATD Chapters and evaluate our practices for accessibility. We'll review Chapter websites (and make sure we have an Accessibility Statement!), explore online meeting technology like Zoom, and discuss accessible ways we can communicate with our members (including email, social media, and more). While this session focuses heavily on accessible technology, a discussion of accessibility for physical spaces and events is also included.

    In this session, you will:
    • Examine your existing Chapter technology through a lens of accessibility
    • Improve Chapter website accessibility (including creating an accessibility statement)
    • Improve accessibility of online Chapter events and materials
    • Improve accessibility of digital Chapter communications

    • Britne Jenke, ATD Greater Las Vegas
  • Putting the Pieces Together: How to Construct an Effective Chapter Leadership Team
    As a chapter leader, you are faced with many difficult decisions, none of which are more difficult or important than selecting the chapter’s leadership team. In this session, we will work through a case study from ATD Awesome Town (ATDAT) and experience the competing priorities involved in assembling an effective, engaged chapter leadership team.

    You will work with fellow chapter leaders in small groups to evaluate potential candidates, identify the “big picture” of what needs to be done in the upcoming year, and create a chapter leadership proposal to present to ATDAT for approval. Small groups will also share to see that there is never one right answer when it comes to making these succession planning decisions.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and interest of potential chapter leadership team members to establish potential “fits” for each person on the leadership team.
    • Analyze the current state of the chapter and identify the skills and talents most needed to reach future goals.
    • Create a chapter leadership team proposal based on your evaluation of the candidates and an analysis of the work needed to close the gap between current and desired states.
    • Revise potential chapter goals to ensure positive results based on your chapter leadership team proposal.

    • Erik Atkins, ATD Greater Birmingham Chapter
  • Creating and Cultivating Dynamic Sponsorships
    A new approach to sponsorships is to cultivate relationships by aligning programs and initiatives with the values and priorities of our members and sponsors. Businesses around the nation are facing budget cuts, reductions in force, and much more; which means that professional associations are going to experience change as well. These changes come in form of membership reduction, spikes in transitional members, increase requests for upskilling programs that require tools, resources and subject matter experts and organizational financial support for networking, engagement and building relationships.

    Corporate sponsorship is one way to support and subsidize some of the direct and/or operational costs to continue to deliver quality programming, networking opportunities, professional development and upskilling for our members to be prepared for the workforce and the future of work.

    Participants attending this session will be able to:
    • Understand the difference between strategic partnerships vs sponsorship with our chapter.
    • Learn how to customize their sponsorship selections.
    • Review the processes and expectations for sponsors and the organization.
    • Have a Q&A Session with the sponsorship and strategic partnership team.

    • Cornelius Dowdell, ATD Greater Atlanta Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Elevate Your Chapter: 3 Transformative Tactics for Mastering Member Engagement
    Welcome to a session that promises to be a game-changer for your chapter, through visibility, inclusion, and empowerment! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey towards building a stronger, more vibrant community. This session is not just about theory; it's about actionable strategies that will transform your chapter's dynamics. Join us in this exciting journey towards building a chapter that stands out, embraces all, and empowers members to change the world. Don't miss out on this transformative experience!

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Identify and recall the 3 most powerful transformative techniques that increase chapter member motivation.
    • Demonstrate actionable strategies that chapter leaders will use to enhance visibility, foster inclusivity, and empower members for growth.
    • Analyze and evaluate current chapter practices, identifying areas in which these strategies can be implemented to maximize chapter impact using the provided 4 step action plan.

    • Rusty Shields, ATD Central Indiana Chapter
  • Making it Competitive: Redesigning Your Chapter Programming to Offer Relevant Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    In this session, participants will be informed about the latest research and trends about knowledge, skills, and abilities those sought by employers today. In addition, participants will work on a plan to redesign their existing annual program for their chapters, ensuring that the content of their curriculum is assessed and evaluated on a regular basis. As part of this session, participants will discuss marketing strategies to promote their redesigned programming, which can result in an increase in the number of members for their chapters. Participants will also work on a financial plan and checklist that they can adopt to create cost-effective programs and generate revenue for their chapters.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Design an annual professional development program for ATD chapter members that promotes relevant skills for their careers
    • Assess and evaluate members' knowledge, skills, and abilities through programming using technology-based instrument and strategies
    • Develop a marketing plan to promote a competitive programming
    • Develop a financial plan to ensure programming generates revenue for the chapter

    • Miko Nino, ATD Rhode Island Chapter
  • Working with Geniuses
    Unlock the potential of your non-profit board with our session on "Working with Geniuses." In this engaging presentation, participants will first delve into a comprehensive understanding of Patrick Lencioni's Working Genius model, gaining insights into its key components and how it identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. The session will then transition into the practical realm, offering valuable strategies for seamlessly integrating the Working Genius model into board meetings. Attendees will learn how to leverage the diverse strengths of board members to foster collaboration, enhance discussions, and drive productivity. Moreover, the session will explore real-world applications of the model in problem-solving and decision-making, providing actionable insights to address challenges and make informed choices within the board setting. Don't miss this opportunity to positively impact your board leadership through the principles of the Working Genius model.

    In this session, you will:
    • Define and explain the key components of the Working Genius model.
    • Explore practical strategies for incorporating the Working Genius model into board meetings.
    • Identify ways the model can be applied to problem-solving and decision-making processes within board.

    • Piper Stone, ATD Kansas City Chapter / ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC)
    • Shelley Etzenhouser, CPTD®, ATD Kansas City Chapter
  • Lunch
  • Party Like It's 2034: Futurecasting for a Resilient Chapter
    Is your chapter ready for the world we will see ten years from now? How can we prepare today to meet the needs of tomorrow’s members? Join our futurecasting party to find out! We will wield the power of scenario planning to identify possible trends to watch for, imagine possible futures for our chapters, and craft courageous strategies to meet the future needs of chapter members. You will walk away with tools to run your own futurecasting party as an integral part of your strategic planning efforts.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Outline four possible future scenarios based on identifying two critical uncertainties using the Critical Uncertainties facilitation technique from Liberating Structures
    • Identify robust strategies that prepare the chapter to navigate all four scenarios
    • Create empathy maps to describe personas for key chapter stakeholders using the provided template
    • Facilitate a futurecasting session with board or chapter members using the provided tools and resources

    • Mashaal Ahmed, CPTD, CPTM, SHRM-SCP, ATD Metro DC Chapter
  • Why a Board Orientation is Worth Your Time
    This session will focus on the backbone of the Chapter: the function of the board. As a Board member, what are your legal responsibilities? Are there specific legal duties and if so, what are they? What are the limits? An ATD Chapter is a business first and foremost which makes its governance, and its documents, the framework that informs all decisions and can help to avoid pitfalls. What information belongs in your Bylaws? In the Policies? In the Procedures? What's the difference between these? How up to date are your chapters Position Descriptions? These and other questions will be explored in an open discussion format.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Identify and explain the purpose of the different governance documents: AOI's, Bylaws, Policies, Procedures
    • List the three legal duties of a not-for-profit/non-profit Board member
    • List the ten basic responsibilities of not-for-profit/non-profit Board
    • Explain the boundaries and function of the Board in relation to Chapter Management
    • List tips and things to keep an eye on during your tenure as a chapter leader

    • Jenn Buckley, CPTD® / Florida Suncoast Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Running Your Chapter Like a Business: How to Create Value-Driven Strategy
    In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, the marketplace for potential and existing ATD chapter members has become increasingly competitive. In the post-pandemic reality, many associations and chapters are seeing reductions in membership numbers. This session will help you manage the new landscape by thinking of your chapter as a business and looking at ways to make it thrive. We will practice using tools and resources to help you be more strategic and provide value to your member that they cannot get anywhere else.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Identify and create your chapter member value proposition
    • Conduct strategic analysis using various tools and approaches
    • Define and integrate member WIIFMs into programming and engagement strategy
    • Nurture and cultivate a Continuous Improvement mindset
    • Develop a financial strategy for fiscal health

    • Anupa Naik, Los Angeles Chapter
  • Wild Apricot: Tips and Tricks
    The Wild Apricot session will provide attendees with valuable insights and practical tips on maximizing the use of Wild Apricot's features, with a focus on membership and event management. Participants can expect to better understand the platform's capabilities, learn how to manage memberships efficiently, streamline event processes, and enhance overall organizational efficiency. If you are new to Wild Apricot, this will still be appropriate to attend. You will need admin rights to your Wild Apricot site if you want to try the tips in your account. By the end of the session, participants will better understand Wild Apricot and be equipped with the skills to replicate the discussed steps. Including step-by-step directions ensures that attendees leave with practical knowledge to apply to enhance their membership and event management processes immediately.

    In this session, you will learn:
    • Membership Management: Exploring the full range of Wild Apricot's membership management tools. Tips for organizing and categorizing members effectively. Utilizing membership renewal features and automation.
    • Event Management: Creating and customizing events tailored to your organization's needs. Managing event registrations and attendee information.
    • Web Page Creation and Updates: Step-by-step guidance on creating engaging and visually appealing web pages. Tips for optimizing website content for better user experience. Exploring Wild Apricot's website update tools and features.
    • Best Practices and Case Studies: Learning from successful implementations through real-world case studies. Best practices for organizations leveraging Wild Apricot effectively.

    • Debbie Richards, ATD Houston
  • Programming in the Age of Hybrid & Micro Learning
    Embark on a transformative journey with this 60-minute session, "Programming Innovation in the Age of Hybrid & Micro-Learning " designed for forward-thinking program leaders eager to revolutionize chapter programming and conference experiences in the era of hybrid events. In this session, we'll explore the dynamic landscape of hybrid conferences and delve into the power of micro-learning as a key strategy for enhancing participant engagement, knowledge retention, and overall chapter programming success. Here's what you can expect:
    • You'll be able to learn the key features, challenges, and benefits associated with hybrid and Micro-conference formats to adapt to emerging learning trends
    • You'll be able to brainstorm engaging and inclusive hybrid experiences will be the most impactful for your chapter community
    • You'll actively participate in peer to peer breakout sessions to identify and analyze programming opportunities for your chapter

    Join Callan Swaim and the ATD NYC Chapter as we explore the process of creating inspiring and impactful hybrid conference experiences that resonate your chapter community while boosting member engagement and attracting potential members. See you there!

    Gained from this session:
    • Knowledge: Learners will be able to recall and articulate the key features, challenges, and benefits associated with hybrid and Micro-learning conference formats.
    • Application: Learners will be able to brainstorm to create engaging and inclusive experiences for both hybrid, and in-person sessions for their chapters.
    • Comprehension & Analysis: Learners will actively participate in peer to peer breakout sessions to identify and analyze programming opportunities they have for their chapters.

    • Callan Swaim, ATD NYC Chapter
  • Unleashing the Power of DEIB: Transform Challenges into Triumphs!
    Are you struggling with getting DEIB initiatives around recruiting, programming, and metrics off the ground? Come learn how your fellow ATD chapter leaders are navigating these challenges. One example is recruiting diverse speakers and adding DEIB topics into programming. By leveraging these strategies, they were able to transform their challenges into triumphs. You will walk away from the session with tools on how you can apply these strategies in your own chapters.

    In this session, you will:
    Share 2 examples of triumphs and how they were achieved (case studies)
    • Discuss why and how these triumphs are successful in DEIB initiatives (good measures of performance, what could be the measures of performance)
    - Leaders and peers support each other
    - Succession planning & leadership changes
    - Communicating about DEIB with other chapters
    - Getting buy-in and overcome resistance
    • Leveraging these examples in your chapters
    - Action plan

    • Rosemary Okoiti, CPTD® / New York City Chapter / ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC)
    • Juliet Hart, ATD Mid-New Jersey / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Break
  • Deliver Inclusive In-Person and Virtual Chapter Meetings Using Real-Time Accessibility Tips
    Are your chapter meetings inclusive? Do they account for participants with disabilities or non-native English speakers? Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the United States having some type of disability, and that 19.1% of the disability population is employed? Also, 17% of the current US civilian workforce is foreign-born, with 67.3 million people in the US speaking a language other than English. With these statistics, there is a significant probability that there are talent development professionals who fall into one or both of these populations. People with disabilities do not often disclose their disability and need for learning accommodations due to stigma and fear, so it is up to us as chapter leaders to role model behavior that presents an inclusive and accessible learning environment. This session will demonstrate how to increase accessibility during chapter meetings and events, whether in-person or virtual. Accessibility tips, tools, and resources will also be shared that address various learning barriers such as sensory, mobility, cognitive and neurodiversity, and language.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Explore ways to apply accessibility before, during, and after chapter meetings and events
    • Utilize tools that will help increase accessibility in real-time
    • Discover ways that accessibility can be applied to both in-person and virtual chapter events

    • Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, CPTD® / Hawaii Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Exploring Strategic Sponsorship: Crafting Personalized Action Plans for Chapter Success
    Come and learn how to create a robust sponsorship strategy in this session designed for chapter leaders seeking enhanced community partnerships and stronger financial security. Explore the key components of a sponsorship approach, including in-kind support, formal sponsorship programming, brand recognition, key sponsorship events, and the critical factor of internal collaboration within your chapter teams.

    Drawing on the experiences of the Nebraska chapter, participants will gain valuable insights into the specific steps taken to formalize our sponsorship program, resulting in stronger revenue outcomes and community sponsor relationships. Through interactive team-based activities, attendees will have the chance to apply this knowledge to develop an actionable sponsorship strategy for their own chapters.

    Participants will not only understand the essential elements of a holistic sponsorship plan but will also walk away with a personalized sponsorship action plan tailored to the unique needs of their chapters.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Summarize the key components of a holistic sponsorship strategy. This include: in-kind support, formal sponsorship programming, brand recognition, key sponsorship events, and internal collaboration.
    • Explore and discuss the specific actions taken by the Nebraska chapter to formalize their sponsorship program, enhance revenue outcomes, and cultivate community sponsor relationships.
    • Develop a comprehensive and actionable sponsorship strategy for a chapter. Participants will walk away with a personalized and actionable sponsorship action plan ready for implementation within their respective chapters.

    • Alanna Hoffman, Nebraska Chapter
    • Stephanie Blakemore, Nebraska Chapter
  • Identifying, Submitting, and Using an SOS!
    Participants will learn about the scope and purpose of the Chapter Recognition Committee, and how resources therein may benefit their chapter. Through activities and discussion, participants will review resources available and practice adapting those materials to suit their chapter's needs. SOS submissions through the "mini SOS" format will be encouraged, and guidance will be provided during the session.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    Identify the purpose and importance of SOSs
    • Successfully navigates through the repository to find a relevant SOS by following verbal and written instructions
    • Discovers relevant resources available through the SOS repository by participating in a group activity
    • Evaluates an SOS for relevance and applicability by participating in group discussion
    • Describes the ways in which they might modify an SOS to be successful in their own chapter by completing a simple activity rubric
    • Reviews and recognizes the criteria for an approved SOS and chapter of the Month consideration by viewing and listening to the presenters and slide deck

    • Jason Yerep, CPTD® / ATD Valley of the Sun Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • David Jarvis, ATD Central Indiana Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Missy Korduner, ATD Baton Rouge Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC) / ATD Chapter Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC)
    • Eddie Brasher, ATD Memphis Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Sunilyn Hertt, ATD Tulsa Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Kathy Woodard, ATD Kansas City Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
    • Ric Xavier, ATD Hawaii Chapter / ATD Chapter Recognition Committee (CRC)
  • RICE: Sowing Seeds of Volunteer Success
    Embark on a transformative journey of volunteer leadership with our interactive session, "RICE: Sowing Seeds of Volunteer Success." Join ATD Kansas City's Rachel Schell, Director of Volunteers, and Shelley Etzenhouser, 2024 President, as we explore the essential pillars of Relationship Building, Identifying Needs, Creating Connections, and Empowering the Chapter.

    Relationship Building (R):
    Discover the art of fostering strong connections within your volunteer community. Learn how cultivating meaningful relationships forms the foundation for a thriving talent development chapter.

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Apply strategies related to successful volunteer relationship building, using role-playing exercises.
    • Formulate a process for collecting the needs of the chapter and communicating the requirements to volunteers.
    • Practice gathering volunteer's interests/skills and connecting this to the chapter needs.
    • Evaluate and discuss examples of how empowerment may lead to increased volunteer engagement and effectiveness, as well as long term chapter success.

    • Rachel Schell, Kansas City Chapter
    • Shelley Etzenhouser, CPTD®, Kansas City Chapter
  • Using Geographical Data to Develop a Targeted Recruitment Strategy
    One of the most daunting challenges for chapters is to know how to go about marketing their chapter to non-members. This session teaches the approach that was utilized to turn one chapter around from struggling to award winning in just one term. Students will learn how to leverage inexpensive and free resources and reports to determine the total amount of available prospects and determine how to market to candidates where those candidates are, and ensure that the chapter marketing efforts are getting the most traction for the effort that is being applied. Students will leave the session with ideas they will be able apply to their own chapter immediately afterward.

    In this session, participants will:
    • Gain knowledge about the geographical membership reporting which is available from the Chapter Relations Manager
    • Learn about the various GIS software options available to chapters including costs and benefits
    • Learn to format the date from the geographical membership reporting into a modality that the GIS software can understand and utilize
    • Analyze the output from the GIS system to determine if all prospects are within marketable territories, and how to exclude prospects who might fall outside of a desired marketing area.
    • Apply the learning to create a sample marketing campaign strategy to leverage the GIS output data in order to ensure the prospects being reached have the greatest impact.

    • Rob Hoitt, CPTD® / ATD Appalachia Chapter / ATD National Advisor for Chapters (NAC)
  • Why You're Not Getting Chapter Speakers (from a Professional Speaker!)
    Hi, I'm Britne, and I have either applied to speak at, or spoken at, every single one of your ATD Chapters! In this session, I want to help you get better (and more!) speakers for your Chapter by creating or updating your processes, using tools to source quality speakers, and improving how your Chapter communicates with the speakers that make your learning events a success. We'll talk about what works (and what doesn't!) for each of your Chapters, and you'll leave this session ready to fill your programming calendar for 2024 and beyond!

    By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
    • Create (or update) your Chapter's Speaker Proposal process (and forms)
    • Use existing tools to search for and book quality Speakers
    • Improve your Chapter's Speaker onboarding and communication

    • Britne Jenke, ATD Greater Las Vegas
  • Closing Networking Event
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Please email your Chapter Relations Manager (CRM) if interested in attending.