ATD Chapter Leader Rate


ATD negotiates reduced rates rooms at a selection of San Diego hotels and uses a reservation booking site powered by MCI USA Housing. We encourage you to book early for the best selection and rates. By staying in the ATD hotel block, you help support the conference and allow us to negotiate better rates for future events. MCI USA Housing is the only official housing agent for ATD23.

ALC23 will take place the at the San Diego Convention Center during ATD23. Please secure your hotel reservation though the ATD23 hotel booking site.

Rates & Availability
Rates are available now through mid-April 2023, we encourage you to book early as some hotels will sell out quickly. Rooms will range in price from $250 per night to $335 per night, plus local taxes and fees, depending on property and guest room type.

Hotel Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your reservation without penalty up to 3 business days prior to arrival through the booking site, by contacting us at, or calling the Customer Service Center Monday - Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. at 800-931-6029 or 972-349-5561 (Individuals) or 800-931-6032 or 972-349-5562 (Groups).