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Title: SHAREing Is CAREing: Prepping Is Everything!

Content description:
CARE (Chapter Affiliation Requirements) serves as the framework for ensuring operational excellence and member engagement. Chapters that consistently achieve CARE create experiences that engage board members and provide value-added programming and support for their members. During this session, experienced chapter leaders will guide you through the various components of CARE and CARE PLUS to prepare for your chapter’s submission due January 29, 2021. After this session, you will walk away with a list of helpful CARE resources and an action plan that can be executed immediately so you can complete your CARE workbook. This session will also provide a forum to share lessons learned and best practices to support your continued success in the achievement of CARE.

Learning Objectives: As a result of participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify board members who can contribute to the CARE report planning and submission process (the creation).
  • Identify resources to leverage when preparing and completing the CARE report in preparation for submission.
  • Create an action plan to gather the necessary information to complete the 2021 CARE submission.

Tools: Participants who attend this session will receive:

  • Their chapter’s 2020 CARE submission to use as a reference
  • A practice action plan
  • A list of ATD resources available to support their preparation and completion of the CARE submission
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